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EU and Egypt adopt their partnership priorities

Today's EU-Egypt Association Council endorsed the EU-Egypt partnership priorities for 2017-2020. The aim of the partnership priorities is to address common challenges, to promote joint interests and to guarantee long-term stability on both sides of the Mediterranean.

The EU-Egypt partnership priorities are guided by a shared commitment to the universal values of democracy, the rule of law and respect for human rights.

The priorities cover three main areas:

Egypt's sustainable modern economy and social development The EU and Egypt will cooperate in advancing socio-economic goals set out in Egypt's "Sustainable development strategy - Vision 2030", with a view to building a stable and prosperous Egypt. It willinclude cooperation on economic modernisation and entrepreneurship, trade and investment, social development and social justice, energy security, the environment and climate action.

Partners in foreign policy The EU and Egypt will reinforce their cooperation at bilateral, regional and international levels, working together on stabilising their common neighbourhood and beyond, and cooperating on crisis management and humanitarian assistance.

Enhancing stability Stabilisation is a common challenge facing the EU and Egypt. Establishing a modern and democratic state that delivers benefits equitably to all people is essential for this. Egypt and the EU will work together to promote democracy, fundamental freedoms and human rights as constitutional rights of all citizens, in line with Egypt's Constitution and international commitments. The EU and Egypt will also work together on security and terrorism, as well as on managing migratory flows for mutual benefit.

The partnership priorities set up a renewed framework for political engagement and enhanced cooperation. They were agreed in the context of the revised European neighbourhood policy and the EU's Global Strategy for foreign and security policy.

Press Release European Council Council of the European Union

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