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Special coverage news today in English from Stockholm, Sweden about the visit of Un secretary Ban Ki

European Anti-Fraud organization underlines embezzlement of EU humanitarian aid in Tindouf camps A recent report of the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) revealed the mechanisms of embezzlement of humanitarian assistance meant for the Sahrawi population sequestered in the Tindouf Camps, southwestern Algeria, said on Monday the Brussels-based the European Strategic Intelligence and Security Center (ESISC).

The ESISC confirmed the existence of the classified report by the OLAF which underlines the persistence of the policy of confusion by Algeria and the polisario concerning the real number of the population sequestered in the camps, the lack of transparency, the responsibility of the Algerian Red Crescent and the absence of registration and census taking.

In preparing this report, which is the result of a six-month long investigation carried out in Brussels (under the aegis of ECHO, the Office of Humanitarian Aid of the European Commission), in Algeria, in the Sahara, in Morocco and in other countries of the region, the OLAF used the most advanced and sophisticated methods, including concealing geo-location beacons, the ISISC said.

“Upon arrival, the discoveries made through these unprecedented efforts paid off: once humanitarian assistance arrives in Oran, it takes an average 48 days to be finally delivered at the Tindouf camps and a large part of the aid never reaches the Sahrawi people in need,” the same source said.

The ESISC noted that the OLAF report details how the Algerian Red Crescent is the first beneficiary of the aid, followed by the leaders of the polisario who use the financial manna to buy arms or real estate for personal use in the Canary Island or Spain.”

According to the ESISC experts, since 1978, Algeria spoke of 50,000 detainees in a report submitted to the HCR. Three years later, the polisario claimed there were 300,000 people while some NGOs advanced the number of 700,000.

The report showed such discrepancy between the actual population and the estimated population posed many problems, as it made any adjustment of aid impossible and contributed to the continuation of all kinds of trafficking and to the embezzlement of humanitarian assistance.

Addad News Agency / Agencies

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